• Poorwill Games
  • Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Founding date

November, 2012


Press/Business Contact




The name "Poorwill Games" was chosen because...Whip-poor-wills. And it kinda sounds like the name of a tramp from an old story. I started the studio with my wife as a side project, but it's just me now. The first game we made, "500 Years Act 1" was a lot of self-indulgent fun. I was mostly playing with tech seeing what can be done with open source. Right now, I'm well underway on a second game where I'm trying to make something that people will enjoy.


Around winter of 2012 I started feeling that I wanted something to do other than go to work :) I started to make a Star Control clone, but I wanted to use only open source game dev software. This was right around when the Lua game craze was happening so I jumped on MoaiSDK (really fun stuff).

I build a game (with my wife) and that was fun. Then I put out a Greenlight (not expecting anything) and a year or so later it was up on Steam. It's not exactly the most playable, but I'm proud of it.

After fooling around with Unity I started a new game, "Pirates are BLANKing Awesome", where I'm trying to make something really fun with good production value.



  • mostly Jonas Yakimischak
  • sometimes Sasha Blant